This is indeed life itself!

Edgar Allan Poe
«The Oval Portrait»

Po_otoreto is a project aimed to create living portraits: small, articulated figures that inhabit a miniaturized world, one that is the result of the fantasies and imagery of the person being portrayed.

Inspired both by Japanese animism and Western psychological portrait tradition, Po_otoreto explores the close bonds that tie people and dolls together, both from the artist’s point of view —the connection between creator and doll–, and that of the user’s —the relationship with dolls within traditional and modern social rites—.

Each Po_otoreto is a unique, handcrafted piece. First, we profile whoever is set out to be portrayed —using personal photographs and a carefully thought-out questionnaire that provides us with symbolic key elements of his or her personal universe. Then the overall distinctive features of the doll are defined together.

As a complementary aspect to creating customized dolls, Po_otoreto offers a series of objects and services that actively bind together creator, portrait and portrayed in a creative and performative action of joint collaboration.

Po_otoretos are ambiguous objects that dissolve ancient historical frictions and dualisms of Western civilization, such as art/craftwork; matter/spirit; object/subject or past/present, coming up with new means of creation, correspondences and use.