Piece of evidence

In January 2017 I started a new project based on my own personal diary; a sort of game made out of small—scale dolls and objects. I began with the production of my own self; my character. For technical reasons, my small-scaled head and body remained detached during construction. In two months’ time I had already worked out the body, but my head had undergone continuous changes and was still unfinished. To make a record of such changes I made molds during each stage of the process.

In March 2018, I suddenly felt I had made a breakthrough: I was certain to have reached the final version of my own head, just some little details around the eyes were still missing. I wrote this down in my diary. As I was taking a look at it randomly, I came across an older note, from August 2017, that read: «Nothing seems to change, but today I worked hard and now I feel I have made quite a progress. My head is almost done, just some little details around the eyes are still missing».

Piece of evidence, 2017-18
120 failed attempts on making a self-portrait during 8 months’ work.

Masks: each 3.5 cm high x 2.5 cm wide.
Plasticine, wax, CX5, stone clay, polyurethane resin, epoxy resin, polymeric clay, natural hair, oil, pencil, magnets.
Octagonal wooden structure 180 cm high x 170 cm wide.

Special mention of the jury, 108vo Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales.